Wrecker Jeans  with its commencement in 1996 has never looked back. With a growth rate of 20% every year with full dedication and commitment for good quality and timely delivery towards the future full of achievements.

After the success  as a fashions garment supplier, we have initiated our own in-house setup. Changing perceptions, we proved that India is a major outsourcing destination for any seasonal attire.

Our company is majorly supplying to  European  market for  Heavy and light weight woven garments. We are producing 70-80K pcs per month on hi-tech machinery and adhering to the benchmark quality standards. Our international partners  support us to achieve this.

Our in-house setup keeps pace with the internationally in-vogue trends, Generating fresh ideas and innovative styles.

All this has been possible because of our focus on excellent quality of people that we have, we would like to thank all our employees and associates for being the pillar of our accomplishments.

Technology Implementation

Technology has become a principal force in this modern era. To survive in this age we have come up with technology initiative program. We have implemented high end ERP solutions for efficient Order Planning and execution, which in turn increases the productivity and reduces the overheads.

To obtain a competitive price for the product, close attention needs be in optimization of material usage. Here at Wrecker Jeans and casuals we have implemented CAD systems for Digitizing, Pattern Making, Grading, etc, for efficient material utilization.

We have set up in house laundry processing unit which has the latest technology with dry and wet process and we use imported chemicals to achieve the best washes required.


Our Buyers have been a Major Gift To Us for The Design Input  , We stay  up-to-date with the rapidly changing fashion world and specialize in different washes, print embroidery and bead work.

Constantly working on innovations, getting information from the fashions, exhibitions, traveling abroad, outsourcing from overseas are all in effort to stay in tune with the changing trends and consumer aspirations, inspiration & concepts provided by our esteemed buyers are followed to their satisfaction.


Jeans , Jackets , Shirts , Dresses , Skirts , Blouses , Vest, Tops, T-shirt, Shorts ,Bermuda, Trousers , Capri ,  Overalls , Rompers , Jumpers.


Denim 3.50 oz. To 14.50 oz., Canvas, Twill , Poplin, voile, Cambric, Linen ,Corduroy, yarn dyed ,  Twill Lycra , Satin Lycra  in various washes , prints & Embroideries.


Product engineering and Production planning department discuss the whole production process and comes up with the solutions to enhance timely delivery, quality management and optimum utilizations of resources.

Professional merchandisers look after the whole production process right from first sample to final shipping of the product, that is with approval from lab dips, measurements, embroidery, material requirements, cutting, stitching and finishing. Material sourcing from reputed vendors and random checking from  finished garments is done to ensure best out put in production.


The young and success hunger team of more than 600 employees, is driven by three key words:-

Trust :- Within the firm and with the buyers.

Teamwork :- A close bond between each department to make the process less time consuming

Responsibility :- At every stage for timely delivery and optimum utilization of resources.

The average age of  30 years reflects the dynamism and out look of top management. Believing in open door, open mind policy the pro-active management encourages employees to come out and give their best, in what ever they do. The quality and performance driven work culture inspires the employees to set a new standards of quality.

This is an  ISO9001:2000 Certified Company for both the quality of the labour and working conditions . Child labour in any manner is strongly prohibited. Welfare scheme for employees and their families are initiated and maintained from time to time.


In an export oriented environment, Time is money, an in-depth knowledge of the time utilized in each process, keeping back ups for unwanted delays, makes deadlines a pleasure to meet.

In addition to superb management, reducing overall wastage and economical production practices result in a complete value for money package.


Keeping in right balance between Quality, Quantity and Capacity, every aspect of production &  every line process is looked after by experienced quality control personnel.

Be it designing, merchandising, production machinery or employees and working conditions, the ISO 9000 norms, the benchmark in quality standards worldwide are maintained, as expected.


A strong communications link with buyers enable us to cater each and every needs on time with understanding of their style and collection, leading to strong relationships. We start working with new buyer only after an understanding of their new styles and assessment to our capacity.

We are playing a significant role in global arena and a preferred supplier for international brands such as


Countries of Export :  SPAIN, GERMANY, DUBAI, UK.